March 2020

Of The July Total Event Cost Has Been Covered By Your Generous Donations.  Thank You!

PeloFondo was born out of a passion for cycling and a desire to encourage one another to reach higher.  We strive to provide a Gran Fondo style experience for every level of rider, and are thrilled that we can do so without charging any fees, making it accessible to everyone!

It has never been our intention to profit from this journey, which is why we have chosen to self-fund the events without asking for funds from the community.  100% of the profit from products that are made available, including apparel, medals, and giveaways, goes directly to the vendors. PeloFondo does not earn commissions on these sales in efforts to make them more affordable for all participants. We simply provide these items as a value add to the community to help make the event more enjoyable. 

As with anything, there are substantial costs associated with the infrastructure of running any event at-scale, including web development, hosting, automations, notification systems and more.  We utilize all of these technologies to help ensure a great experience for all riders and to help build this community, and these costs do continue to increase with our user base.  

If you would like to help cover some of our costs and ensure that we can continue to provide consistent quality, below are a few ways that you can donate.  



Scan The QR Code Or Use @PeloFondo in the Venmo App. 


Scan The QR Code Or Enter This Address Into Your Crypto Wallet Application: 
PeloFondo is a personal site written, edited and maintained by Peloton Home Riders. PeloFondo is in no way affiliated with Peloton Cycle or Peloton Interactive. Peloton is a registered trademark of Peloton Interactive, Inc. For comments and inquiries please contact [email protected] 
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