PeloFondo has been and always will be a free community event.  As with anything, there are substantial costs associated with the infrastructure of running any event at-scale, including web development, hosting , automations, notification systems and more.  We utilize all of these technologies to help ensure a great experience for all riders, and to help build this community.  

This event has no sponsors, and we are fully self-funded.  If you would like to help cover some of these costs and ensure that we can continue to provide consistent quality, below are a few ways that you can donate.  



The Brave Browser is focused on user privacy and rewarding honest site publishers, allowing its users to tip sites which provide content that the users enjoy.  By simply downloading the browser and surfing the web as you normally would, users are issued Basic Attention Tokens, which can be used to tip site publishers.  PeloFondo is a Brave Verified Creator. Learn more at 


Scan The QR Code Or Enter This Address Into Your Crypto Wallet Application: 


Scan The QR Code Or Enter This Address Into Your Crypto Wallet Application: 
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