Nutrition is EXTREMELY important to ensure that you don’t bonk (run out of glycogen reserves) during long rides. 
Good nutrition is paramount to having a successful ride. This is by no means a perfect list, but it's what has worked for us in the past.  As always, do what works best for you.

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Eat around 200 calories per hour.
After each 45 minute class, you should consume roughly 200 calories.

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Drink water - ALWAYS.  Try having 2 water bottles available at all times; one with pure water and the other with electrolytes. 

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Eat your fats and proteins early in the ride with lower carbs.  Fats and proteins often digest slower and provide fuel later on.  Gradually increase carbs like bananas, gels etc. 

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Stick to foods that you commonly eat to avoid digestion issues.  Eating gels or sugary foods early on can cause your system to crash.

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Do not consume large quantities of food or water any time during the ride.  Focus on a moderated, consistent intake to avoid digestion issues or cramping. 

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Don't wait until you feel tired to start eating.  A good rule of thumb is to start your nutrition supplementation 30-45 minutes into your first ride if you are not planning on taking many breaks. 
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