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Hey, Team!
We’re just two weeks out from our July event! Are you ready? Whether you’ll be at home or off on an adventure, a bike of some sort is likely not far away. So if you haven’t registered yet, now’s the time!

Let’s be honest...PeloFondo is more fun with friends. If you don’t already have a crew to ride with, be sure to check out the “Teams” tab in the SUMMIIT app! You’re sure to find a welcoming group of friends. 

One of the keys to a successful event is preparation! Don’t wait until event week to start devising a plan. Give some thought to your nutrition and hydration strategy, pacing, even clothing changes and use the next few weeks to test things out. Remember...nothing new on event weekend!

More info will be headed your way in the coming weeks! Until then, grab some friends, make a plan, and let’s have some fun!

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Here are a few more final preparation tips for you! A bit of thoughtfulness in your preparation will pay dividends throughout the weekend! 

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Welcome to PeloFondo weekend! The fun is about to begin!

A huge welcome to every athlete in the 24 countries participating in this weekend's event. Drop a note in the comments letting us know where you are joining from!

As a reminder, the logging tool will open at midnight in each athlete's time zone and will remain open until 11:59 PM Sunday evening.

A Few Quick Tips:

If this is your first time with us, check out the logging tutorial available in the SUMMIIT app's event center so you have the details on how event logging works.

If you are riding on Peloton, be sure to add the #PeloFondo tag to your profile so you can find other riders on the leaderboard.

Remember to hydrate and fuel your body well today and through the rest of the weekend and get plenty of rest when you can!

As always, live event stats will be streamed on the SUMMIIT YouTube channel, so be sure to subscribe to get notifications when we go live!

We are here to support you all weekend with anything you may need! See you on the road!!!

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Happy July friends!!!

I’m excited for a few reasons…It’s Saturday, PeloFondo is just 3 weeks away, and the Tour de France started today! 

July is a great time to get in some miles outside, and I’ve been focusing my training on prepping to do my pledge on my road bike for this event (as long as this Texas heat doesn’t melt my tires 😳). 

We don’t talk about it as often as we should, but every mile counts for PeloFondo, so if you’re at home on your bike that goes nowhere, venturing into the great outdoors on your cycling steed or traveling and can snag access to something with wheels along the way, come join us! 

How will you be riding this PeloFondo?  Drop a comment!

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Can you feel the excitement in the air? We're less than 24 hours away from the start!

A few tips as you prepare:

• Plan your nutrition and hydration ahead of time, and have it all easily available during the event. 🍌

• It may sound silly, but plan your wardrobe as well! Clothing changes can make a big difference over long distances. 🎽

• Get some really good rest tonight. 💤

• Listen to your body. It's easy to get caught up in the hype of the weekend, so make sure you're paying attention to what your body needs and don't push yourself too far. 💪

We have some fun things lined up for you this weekend, so keep an eye on the Dashboard in the SUMMIIT app and the Admin Announcements in the event center, as there are things you won't want to miss!

If you're not signed up, there's still time! Head over to to learn more about the event and how to join in. And don't forget to follow our social accounts to stay up to date with everything happening throughout the weekend.

See you on the road! ⛰

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Are you ready to ride??? 🚴🚴
Pelofondo is THIS WEEKEND, and we want you to be a part of it! Grab a riding buddy if you have one and come join this incredible community of athletes for an epic event weekend.

Don't have anyone to ride with? 🤔
There are over 50 teams registered that will welcome you with open arms and stay by your side all weekend long!

Registration is available in the SUMMIIT mobile app📱! If you are a first-time rider, has everything you need. See you this weekend!!!!

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Giving back is at the heart of the PeloFondo event, and every one of those hard earned miles can be used to make a difference.

This month's charity focus is the JED Foundation, a non-profit organization that is dedicated to promoting mental health and preventing suicide among young adults. When you purchase one of our Hope In Motion apparel items, a portion of the proceeds go directly to supporting the mission of the JED Foundation.

Snag a shirt or tank to wear while you ride, or as a memento of your incredible effort! You can find all of our event apparel at! See you on April 22 & 23!

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“I have nothing but positive things to say about PeloFondo. It is an insanely organized and seamless process of setting your own personal goals, and then achieving them. The PeloFondo community has been the most positive and uplifting group of individuals I have ever met.
There is nothing better than having the hands of complete strangers on your back as you push yourself to new lengths. I love knowing that there is someone else going through exactly what I am, and it helps to further motivate and keep me going. I will keep coming back every quarter as long as I can!!!” - CASEYJEANOLSON🏅

When you make the decision to participate in PeloFondo, you’re linking arms with an incredibly supportive community that challenges and encourages one another to achieve incredible things. 🙌

Casey’s story is one of thousands, and we can’t wait to be a part of yours! Come join the SUMMIIT family as we prepare for PeloFondo on April 22nd & 23rd. 🚴🚴

Registration is available in the SUMMIIT mobile app📱 !  If you’re a first-time rider you will find everything you need over at

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We are just 17 days away from the Spring PeloFondo! 🎉 Come join the SUMMIIT community and challenge your limits on April 22nd and 23rd. 

Registration is open in the SUMMIIT app 📱 and if this is your first time joining us, you’ll find everything you need over at

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Over the past 4 years, I've thrown some wild ideas out to this community, and every time it has been met with energy, passion, and support. I've spoken with 40 or so team leads over the past few weeks, and they have voiced unanimous support in taking this next step together.

Goals are at the very center of these events. Every rider has set a personal goal. Every team has set a group goal. Now, we look toward setting a community goal.

I believe that a shared goal amongst all teams and participants will fuel growth and energy at the community and team levels.

Every year, the January event is the highest attended, making it a perfect opportunity for setting big goals and breaking records. This means that January can become the capstone event of the year, and the other 3 events can be used to train, encourage and grow toward those big January goals.

Beginning in 2024, I am setting a HIGHLY ambitious goal of 1,000,000 miles for the community in the January event.
Will we reach it? I have no idea.
Is it possible? Absolutely.

The core of this event will never shift. "Show up and do something that makes you proud."

This goal is not meant to drive competition or create contention or elitism. This is meant to provide one more way to do something incredible TOGETHER.

We have 3 more events this year to lean in and see what this community is willing to do, and I have no doubt that we will rise to the challenge.

I'm sure there will be a lot of questions in the coming weeks/months about this, and I am here for all of them!

THANK YOU all for being the champions of these wild ideas and rallying around each other to accomplish the unimaginable.

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No matter where you are, what your goal is, or how you plan to tackle this weekend, you are surrounded by thousands of others who are on this road with you.
Here are a few things to ensure you know to get the most out of your weekend:

1. Add the #PeloFondo tag to your profile!

2. The schedule is live over at and will be streamed on the live dashboard on YouTube.

3. THERE IS A LIVE DASHBOARD! 😄 All of the community and team stats update in real-time, so be sure to check it out or just leave it pulled up on a screen while you ride for motivation. The stream will begin at Midnight Eastern time.

4. Send in those selfies! You can upload them directly from the ride-logging tool in the SUMMIIT app.

There will be more as we progress, but for now, be sure you hydrate and fuel well and get some good rest.

Let's have a great ride!

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It's that time!!! The last PeloFondo weekend of the year is finally here!  Australia is already putting up numbers and has us off to a killer start!  Congrats #AmyFulton for being the first rider on the board!!!

As you prepare to clip in, be sure to hydrate well, eat well, and get good sleep!  Also, don't forget to add the #PeloFondo tag on your profile to find your fellow riders on the leaderboard.  It's going to be an amazing weekend!
🔥💬Round two tomorrow at 3PM EST!  Link to RSVP in bio. If you missed it last time, be sure to join in and listen if you can! 

This is a chance me to connect with the community directly and inform and answer questions in a live format.

The topics come from you! I will give a brief update at the top of the session regarding where we are headed, some info about the upcoming events, new app features etc. The rest of our time will be dedicated to answering YOUR questions live.

This will happen in a live audio room, no video is required. You can raise your hand and you will be invited to speak and you can ask your question directly! If you can't talk, or don't want to (but please do because these are way more fun when you do), there is a live chat as well.

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Hey friends! As we head into PeloFondo weekend, here is a quick list of things to know:

1. Keep a close eye on the in-app announcements! Lots of things will be posted there over the weekend that you won't want to miss, including the one posted there right now.

2. The ride logging tool will unlock at midnight in your time zone on Saturday.

3. If it's your first time riding, there are a bunch of video tutorials and FAQs that can be accessed in the app event center.

4. Get good rest and start hydrating now!!!

It's going to be an awesome weekend. See you on the road!

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A HUGE shout out each of you for helping grow this community. We have officially crossed 20,000 users in the SUMMIIT mobile app!  Your support means the world to us.  THANK YOU!!! 

#summiitchallenges #summiitstride #summiitclimb #pelofondo #pelofondo2022
The @summiitchallenges PeloFondo event is next weekend, July 23rd and 24th!  Will you be there???

#pelofondo #pelofondo2022 #summiit #summiitchallenges #onepeloton
Come follow us over at @summiitchallenges to keep up with the full lineup of events!  Huge shoutout to everyone who is running STRIDE with @summiitchallenges this weekend!  If you’re looking for some cross training before PeloFondo in July, there is still time to join!

#summiit #summiitchallenges #pelofondo #running #marathon #virtualmarathon
There's still time to join us for this weekend's PeloFondo!  Just head on over to to join over 7,000 other riders around the world for this epic 2-day event!
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We have made it through the last event of 2021, which means we will be retiring this annual finisher medal and replacing it with a brand new design for 2022. We don't want to be wasteful, so rather than throwing the rest of these beautiful medals away, we wanted to provide one more opportunity to give back this year.

For every one of these medals purchased starting today, we will be donating at least 40% of the net proceeds to the Make A Wish foundation to help brighten up the holidays for children with critical illnesses.

#pelofondo #summiitchallenges
Finisher shirts for the October event have been released!  Check out the new design 🤩🤩🤩

Shirts, hoodies, long sleeve, sweatshirts and more are available now through the end of the month. 

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Team Stack Weekend - 10.16/10.17
The last stack before the big weekend! Join one class, join a stack, or do them all! This is a great way to connect with the PeloFondo community outside of event days and learn about some of our amazing teams. This weekend, we have Ben's Army, and To Infinity And BeFondo hosting your ride stacks! Here's some info about the teams:

Team Leads: Kristen Garrett Doerschner, Liina Lipp Bender, Nicole Loyola, Felisa Prifti Mendoza
Team Join Code: 3938
Team Description:
Ben's Peloton Army is a team of riders across the U.K. and North America with a focus on fun and encouragement. We aren't just teammates, we're friends. We work together to support all of our Pelofondo riders whether they are brand new or logging hundreds of miles.

Team Lead: Chelsea Harris
Team Description:
We are a group of riders who bonded together through regular Power Zone Pack challenges and formed a very strong support system to help us do hard things! While most of us found the team by way of Power Zone Pack Team 3-41 we are open to anyone who wants to join in for the laughs and cheering on of others for PeloFondo weekend! We commiserate over the mileage we voluntarily signed up for, chat about how life-giving our snacks are, and keep the motivation flowing in a Facebook Messenger Team Chat that is optional. This event we’re going to schedule a Happy Hour/Cool Down ride!

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The proof for the October charity medal just arrived and it's 🤩🤩🤩

Just a reminder that if you want to pick one of these up, pre-orders need to be in by Oct. 1! $5 from every purchase goes to support the partner charity for the event, and global shipping is included in the price. 
Pre order at or in the SUMMIIT app. 

#pelofondo #onepeloton
The schedule for this weekend's stacks is below! Join one class, join a stack, or do them all! This is a great way to connect with the PeloFondo community outside of event days and learn about some of our amazing teams. This weekend, we have Miles, Muscles and Motivation, and Miles4Dreams hosting your ride stacks! Here's some info about the teams: 

Team Join Code: 1003
Team Description:
Are you looking for a team that is ambitious and supportive while at the same time fun and maybe a little crazy? At Miles, Muscles and Motivation we aim to ensure every one of our members achieves not only their mileage goal for Pelofondo but also whatever other fitness goal they can dream of! More like a family than just a team, we will enhance your training and help you to feel prepared and inspired to go above and beyond!
One of MMM’s longest standing tradition is a Saturday Happy Hour Stack (or Quest). Attached is an example of the fun you could have dancing with close to 100 of your fellow MMM riders during Happy Hour. After a long day of riding who doesn’t want a little dance party on the bike with maybe even your favorite cocktail?

Team Join Code: 3040
Team Description:
United by our bikes, treads, and yoga mats, we are a group of women who share our dreams in fitness and life. We support each other over the bumps in the road, and we celebrate each other during each victory - big and small. Every mile traveled starts with the first step. What's the first step of your dream? Let's make it happen!

#pelofondo #SUMMIIT #onepeloton #milesmusclesmotivation #miles4dreams
This is my 2nd PeloFondo but our first as a family. Our goal was to hit 100 miles and we crushed it and got to 135. It was a great way to get our 3 kids (13, 11 and 9) in on the fun. Each one of us stretched ourselves past our personal goals, and now my 9 year old said "Mom, we should do it again and go for 150 miles!" The process is simple - pick whatever rides work for you. It's a great way to push yourself to a place where you THINK you can't go, but realize that you CAN go...and go even further. Highly recommend! -#CatharineCycle
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Teams have quickly become one of the cornerstones of the PeloFondo event, allowing like minded individuals to dig deep and #reachhigher together.  Whether you’re looking to participate with close friends, find a social group, raise the bar with challenges or race, there are teams for everyone.  To join a team, simply complete your individual registration over at and tap on “join a team”. #pelofondo #reachhigher #onepeloton #pelotoncycle #pelotonbike #peloton
100 miles, 5 hours 47 min.  My journey started in early March.  I took my 300th ride with Tunde.. even got a shout out and blown a kiss! I wasn’t aware that was my last ride before I was admitted to ICU and be isolated in a negative pressure room for 3 days.  Our home continued to be impacted by covid as my fiancé was also diagnosed positive.  A week after being released at my follow up checkup I asked my Dr about peloton and to my surprise he said it would help build lung capacity but to do in moderation.  I worked my way back .. slowly building my strength.  I did the last Pelofondo but only made 50 of my targeted 100 miles.  I went back to work .  Yesterday I timed my rides to end right after Tunde says ‘BikB4bourbon.. I like your style’. Those last 10 miles were emotional to say the least.  I know peloton and this community shortened my recovery significantly! -#BikB4Bourbon
#riderstory #pelofondo #reachhigher #onepeloton #pelotoncycle #pelotonbike #peloton
There are several ways to connect with riders before and during the event.  One of the best ways to make connections with riders in your area is to use Rider Map located on the website.  You can also follow the #PeloFondo ghost rider on your bike and quickly add other riders that are also following.  Finally, be sure to add #PeloFondo to your location on your bike profile so that others know you are participating in the event!
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“Yesterday I participated in my first Pelofondo. It's a long distance ride event for Peloton riders where you ride - alone and together - for anywhere from 35-200 miles. Peloton has been my refuge since the death of my beloved horse in January and lockdown in the age of Covid 19. I need goals to help me stay grounded. I need exercise to help me stay sane. I rode 42.68 miles in 3 hours... Turtle pace for sure, but I could not be more proud. Next Pelofondo goal is 100 miles in 2 days!  Thank you, Pelofondo, for giving us inspiration and a way to be together during these difficult times.  You've given me inspiration to go farther, faster, higher! “
#riderstory #pelofondo #reachhigher #onepeloton #pelotoncycle #pelotonbike #peloton
Here at PeloFondo, our desire is to help you #reachhigher, which is why this has been designed as a quarterly event, with our first ride of the year in January.  Running an event every 3 months provides enough time to properly train and prepare for these long-distance rides, as well as set improving distance goals throughout the year.  Check out our training tips on the website!
#pelofondo #reachhigher #onepeloton #pelotoncycle #pelotonbike #peloton
"Pelofondo was a journey that cleansed my mind and spirit during this two day weekend event. It was a challenging yet rewarding experience that brought fierceness, strength and power from within helping me to reach greater health goals. Excellent experience looking forward to more."
#riderstory #pelofondo #reachhigher #onepeloton #pelotoncycle #pelotonbike #peloton
Generally speaking, you should try to be comfortable completing about 75% of your goal distance prior to the event.  This is not a hard and fast rule, but we find that most people are able to stretch that extra 25%, sometimes much more, during the event.  It is a good habit to work on consistently increasing your time in the saddle prior to the event to help minimize fatigue, and we recommend riding the entire event in zone 2 or low zone 3.  Ultimately, you know your body best, so choose a goal that will challenge you, but will be achievable. 
#pelofondo #reachhigher #onepeloton #pelotoncycle #pelotonbike #peloton
"This was my first PeloFondo; my goal was 50 miles and I rode 68 miles in 4 hours. Prior to signing up, I'd never ridden further than 25 miles outdoors or longer than 45 minutes (~13 miles) on my Peloton.  It was an incredible experience all around -- from the support and encouragement leading up to PeloFondo weekend, the high fives and camaraderie during the rides (at least half of the riders on the LB were doing the PeloFondo!), and the relief, pride, and shared celebration afterwards.  I love seeing what everyone accomplished and I am so proud of myself for overcoming my self-doubt and crushing my own goal! I am thrilled to be included in the special group of riders who are part of the PeloFondo community.  And yes, I already signed up for the next one. Bring it on!"
#riderstory #pelofondo #reachhigher #onepeloton #pelotoncycle #pelotonbike #peloton
Registration for the event is handled through our mobile app, SUMMIIT Challenges, available on iOS and Android. The in-app event center provides everything you need for the event, such as finding a team of like minded riders, connecting to the online community and logging your rides on event day. 
#pelofondo #reachhigher #onepeloton #pelotoncycle #pelotonbike #peloton
"I have always been intrigued by the idea of the Fondo, but never saw myself as an endurance athlete. I signed up for what I thought was 35 miles, but apparently signed up for 50 in a moment of boldness. Unsure if I could even hit 35, I started the ride. With great classes on the schedule and so many high fives, even one from Matt Wilpers himself... I blew past my goal and surprised myself with what I could accomplish. I finished the weekend at 85 miles and have already set my sights on 100 for the next one. Show up for yourself. You might be surprised at what you can achieve. Thanks PeloFondo team for creating such a great event!" -#GiveMeCOFFEE
#riderstory #pelofondo #reachhigher #onepeloton #pelotoncycle #pelotonbike #peloton
PeloFondo is a community event for Peloton Riders, focused on long distance mileage. There is no fee to join the event and riders can choose their distance goal between 35 and 120 miles. The event was designed to provide a similar experience to a Gran Fondo, which are very popular group events for outdoor cyclists.  Established in 2019, the PeloFondo now regularly has thousands of riders per event.  Come join us!
#pelofondo #reachhigher #onepeloton #pelotoncycle #pelotonbike #peloton
PeloFondo™ is a DBA of SUMMIIT Challenges, LLC., and is in no way affiliated with Peloton Cycle or Peloton Interactive. Peloton is a registered trademark of Peloton Interactive, Inc. For comments and inquiries please contact 
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