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PeloFondo is a community event for Peloton Riders, focused on long distance mileage. Come #reachhigher with us!

Team: We have another big weekend of racing and riding coming up. Check it out - we have three Team Wilpers athletes racing ironmantri Waco, a crew of pelofondo riders and runners and mattwilpers will be joining many of you at the hincapiesports Gran Fondo. ⁣
The training you do indoors absolutely translates to outdoor strength in cycling and running. It is awesome to see that come to life!⁣
Best of luck to you all! Let us know if you are racing this weekend for some virtual cheers! 📣👏
Cody Nath - Waco 70.3⁣
Matt O’Connor - Waco Ironman 
Marcus Johnson - Waco 70.3 Marcus.l.johnson⁣
Bec Wassner LA Tri⁣ becwassner 
Betty Dean gammaspinz - 5 miler⁣
Becz Downie Bilsland becsbp -Publix Half Marathon⁣
Colleen Smith - Boise 10k bckins⁣
Dana Clarke  GoRuck 26.2⁣ dl_clarke 
Pekofondo riders:⁣
Dan Baker⁣
Lisa Carmichael⁣
Natalie Hernandez⁣
Dan Horowitz⁣
Chris Miller⁣
Devin Stinger⁣
Ana Combes⁣ anacombes 
Hincapie Gran Fondo:⁣
Brian Kessler⁣ bakessler13 
Curious about how a Team Wilpers Bike Fit works?  Repost from gofastmommy
Does my Peloton look different to you? I FINALLY got a proper bike fitting done with teamwilpers and YOU GUYS it’s incredible. I feel so much more secure and comfortable on my bike now and my pedals glide in full circles like butter haha. PLUS, and I know some of you will be super proud of me, I learned how to make clipping out so much easier now!! 
I know so many of you are probably curious about how my fitting went so I’m going to summarize. I scheduled online at After you pay you can read the bios and availability of all of the fitters and schedule. I went with bikefitdwayne and he was amazing- he took lots of time with me and was so helpful, knowledgeable and patient. I did my fitting yesterday using ZOOM and it took just over an hour. After making sure my camera was in a good position my fitter asked me lots of questions about my riding and injury history and then watched me preform stability exercises and assessed my feet for imbalances.
Next we adjusted my cleats. We adjusted them to use my metatarsal system better, we later readjusted the right side so that my knee would track over my feet on the bike.
We then raised my saddle so that more if my muscles would engage during rides and to keep my pelvis more stable too. We also pushed the saddle forward to get my knees over pedals better. We raised my handlebar a lot to make my reach more effective and comfortable. 
Then we worked on pedal technique to involve my glutes, hamstrings, calves and core better. We also discussed positioning cues and drills to engage more muscles, increase my power, and keep me injury free. 
The result? I feel so much more in control of my ride on the bike now- with these adjustments I honestly feel like this machine was custom built-for me, which so pretty cool. I’ve been in a PR rut for quite some time and I’m sure with this new positioning and cueing my output and love of the bike will continue to soar! 
Have you gotten a Team Wilpers bike fit yet? If so, what results have you seen? Have questions? Ask below and I’ll try to answer them for you!
Make sure your bike is set up correctly to maximize power and minimize aches and pains! Thank you leahingram for this awesome article about Team Wilpers Bike Fitting. If you’re thinking about getting a bike fit (which we highly recommend for your comfort and performance!), this is a must read. Check the link in bio to read the entire article. Let’s get the most out of our hours on the bike, Team! #trainhard #trainsmart
First #PeloFondo in the books!  So glad tomorrow is leg day 😜
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3rd PeloFondo & 6 months pregnant 🚴🏻‍♀️❤️ #onepeloton #boocrew #workingmomsofpeloton #pelofondo  #spin4life #50milegoal #workhardplayhard #idonthavetoigetto #claytonfamilytimes #pregnancylife
Second Bike Marathon aka #Pelofondo in the books! 📚

I managed to shave off 20 minutes from my time. Proud #AF of myself.

Shout out to my fellow bgmpelotonedition queens slaying the leaderboard this weekend.

Congrats to everyone that showed up for their goals this weekend. Y’all did that fam ♥️ #CoachJess #UnicornJess
Dear everspinsfit,

To us, you are strong and beautiful! 💎🦋

Today was a HUGE personal accomplishment! 

My entire life I would tell myself I couldn’t do cardio because of my asthma. I can barely run because of it until I got on a spin bike in 2019. 

Fast forward to today, 200+ rides on my peloton and my first #pelofondo complete. 

25 miles was my goal, to prove to myself I could get it done and I did!!! 27 miles later I began to sob while fitxkendall gave a pep talk through queens we are the champions. 

I feel like a champion! Until next time pelofondo  it was a great experience! 

Also, thank you onepeloton for shipping my order so quick, it got here just in time to celebrate this weekend.
PeloFondo™ is a DBA of SUMMIIT Challenges, LLC., and is in no way affiliated with Peloton Cycle or Peloton Interactive. Peloton is a registered trademark of Peloton Interactive, Inc. For comments and inquiries please contact [email protected] 
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